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Presentation of the Bourriche Removal And Treatment Of Waste Incineration Unit

The Bourriche removal and treatment of waste company was founded in 2014 by Mr. Bourriche Ahmed. Born from a real passion for the design and implementation of incineration unit installation that meets the evolutions of the regulations and new environmental constraints in terms of special and hazardous special waste.


The protection of the environment is our main concern, so we are naturally oriented towards sustainable development.

Knowledge & Quality

Our know-how and skills are based on active teamwork, our skills in the field and our experienced and motivated staff.


Whatever your waste, our company accompanies you, identifies all your needs and offers you a personalized installation that meets your expectations.

Waste Tracking

Our company is able to provide its customers with all the necessary documents that attest to the traceability of the waste from collection, to transport and up to their treatment.

Why us ?

Our Philosophy

To provide high quality services and in a constant
search for customer satisfaction

Our values

Expertise and Quality, Commitment, Availability, Responsibility, Trust and Proximity

Business areas

Treatment by incineration at very high temperature (1200°C) with a fume filtration system designed for the treatment of sanitary and industrial waste.

Infectious wastes

Waste contaminated with blood and other body fluids.

  • Waste from medical and veterinary care activities (DAS).
  • Waste from care activities with infectious risks (DASRI).
  • Prickly, sharp and cutting waste.

Anatomical wastes

Contaminated human body tissues and organs or body fluids and animal carcasses.

  • Anatomical waste and organs, including blood bags and blood supplies.

Chemical wastes

This is the waste from companies or industries that contain toxic products.

  • Wastes from inorganic chemical processes.
  • Wastes from organic chemistry processes.
  • Wastes from the manufacture, formulation, distribution and use (MFSU) of coating products (paints, varnishes and porcelain enamels), sealants and printing inks.

Pharmaceutical wastes

expired, unused and contaminated medications, vaccines and sera.

  • Pharmaceutical wastes.

Genotoxic wastes

Very dangerous, carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic, e.g. drugs used in cancer treatment, and their metabolites.

  • Cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs.

Communal wastes

Communal waste. including separately collected fractions.

  • Domestic wastes.
  • Assimilated waste from shops.
  • Assimilated waste from industries and administrations.

Agricultural wastes

  • Agricultural wastes.
  • Horticultural wastes.
  • Aquaculture wastes.
  • Forestry wastes.
  • Hunting and fishing wastes.
  • Wastes from food preparation and processing.

Other wastes

  • Packaging and packaging waste, absorbents, wiping cloths, filter materials and protective clothing not otherwise specified.
  • Wastes from shaping and physical and mechanical surface treatment of metals and plastics.

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